Easter Day over and gardening to do!
6th April 2010
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I have to confess that it has been far too long since my last blog….i am unsure where the days have gone to and how they could have flown by with such haste…but they did!


Easter day has ended….well the day has but the effects I fear have not…oh no, the effects of such chocolate binging has left me rather stodgy looking and a little dull in complexion…could it really be all the sugary stuff that my body has consumed or is it purely a

 figment of my imagination? 


 But I can also report I have reached an all time high, it seems that the mix of chocolate, wine gums, sugar babies and marzipan together with a good dose of Cotswold air was just what I needed to recharge my batteries…..for now I am raring to go and more sprightly than a spring chicken!


 And, whilst on the subject of chickens….my girlies still aren’t laying….perhaps I should have placed some chocolate eggs upon their plush little beds of hay and coaxed and encouraged them in some way……?


So into the garden I will go….gardening fork and spade at hand, pulling out the weeds, cutting back the old winter growth….chickens close by, flitting and ruffling their feathers as if not sure what to make of me or what I am doing on their patch! And, I have heard that Reg Moule, Hereford & Worcester’s very own gardening guru will be in Malvern on Thursday at The Lyttelton Rooms….so if indeed I do become stuck on what to pull from the garden and what to leave, I can at least slip by and show my face! Yes indeedy, I am very much full of the joys of Spring! 

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