Colwall home to Bonne Bouche
11th November 2010
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Colwall village nestles between Malvern and Ledbury, its Avenue of lime trees, pretty houses and interesting buildings hold much charm and character. Having lived there for many years I have fond memories of endless walks up and over the railway bridge, along twisting lanes to other villages and collecting conkers from the huge tree near the Downs School.


Over the years shops, houses and roads have changed but its essence remains. Today what used to be the village stores, is now home to Bonne Bouche, a delightful café style coffee shop where delicious dishes and tempting cakes are prepared and served.


What better place to stop off, rest your legs and enjoy good coffee after a brisk walk across the hills or around the rambling lanes of Colwall. Long gone are the days when you could buy a bag of 1penny sweets or hire the latest rental video…yes things have changed as everything does, now you can enjoy good tasty wholesome food, where service is both friendly and welcoming.


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