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6th September 2011
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Whether you want every room in your house to have different flooring or if all you dream of is hard wood to walk on everywhere. Visit Classic Interiors today. They’ve got a lovely new website, so click on this link for futher information.

As for me, I’m all about different designs for different rooms. In the kitchen and bathrooms it’s tiles for the floors. Classic Interiors has all sorts of various tile designs, to suit all your needs.

For bedrooms I like thick carpets, and of course it has to match the design of the room. Classic interiors has a wide range of carpets with a twist, and to find out more about that twist, visit their website or stop by in store.

If you’ve got children, like me, I find that hallways and conservatory floors are best covered in sealed hardwood flooring, or the lock-in facia panels that don’t stain.


Lastly, but not at all least, are sitting rooms. I like a more shallow carpet that can deal with high traffic footsteps and wear and tear! Classic Interiors can help to suggest the appropriate flooring for any of the rooms in your house. Also, if you’re set on a particular type of flooring, they have the expert knowledge to recommend the best products to get you what you want.

Have you received excellent service from Classic Interiors? Be sure to leave your comments below, or provide your valued feedback in a testimonial.


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