4th June 2011
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I don't actually eat chocolate myself, and if there's one thing I noticed in particular, when I first moved over to this country from America, it's that everyone here loves chocolate! A lot. So much so that people think I'm lying when they offer me chocolate and I refuse. They think I'm bonkers or something. lol


So if you're normal (unlike me, who's apparently abnormal in my dismissal of chocolate) stop by the  Great Malvern Deli on Abbey Road. They've got handmade English chocolate truffles, supplied by HRH Confectionary.


Even though I won't be buying any chocolate truffles myself, I can still take advantage of the deli's 30% discount offer on gift baskets, which are chock full of specialty oils and cheeses. Now those are consumer items I definitely do enjoy eating, especially as part of my favourite kind of salad; a Greek salad. I'm hungry now! Heehee.


Greek salad recipe:




Red Kalamata olives

Black olives

vine ripened tomato sliced into triangles

Cucumber cut into cubes

sliced red onion strands or rings

olive oil

small cubed feta cheese squares diced

Dried oregano

white wine vinegar


Mix appropriate portions together in a bowl and enjoy.


Are there any particular kinds of chocolates or salad recipes you enjoy? Please share with us at the best of Malvern, and everyone else in town!



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