Car Boot Sales in and around Malvern!
13th April 2010
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Car boot sales are a great way to clear the clutter, make extra cash and have a giggle in the process! So, if like me you have drawers and cupboards full of unwanted bits and bobs, can no longer get into the garage for boxes and bags of unwanted items….get organised and give car booting a go!



Yes the whole process may seem a tad to tiresome, but i guarantee once your table and wares are nicely displayed you will enter into the spirit of  ‘booting’  and soon be making lots of money! I would strongly advice on packing a flask of hot coffee and some nice jam rolls for breakfast as start times tend to be early…yes you do need to be away at the crack of dawn to guarantee the all important perfect pitch!


Once there, park up, and get busy….you’ll be swept along with a frenzy of other booters all clambering to get their prize goodies on display for the punters…..hmmm, its surprising what others see as a prize find….who would have thought that my old lamp with its fluffy covering of dust would have caused so much interest?? Oh well, as they say, "Ones mans rubbish is another mans treasure."…well something like that anyway!



My girlies left me an egg this morning! Only one, but it was perfectly formed and very warm….wonderful!

Try the Car Boot Sales at Malvern, Leigh Sinton and Ledbury…..they are fantastic and all nicely situated! Check out the Events pages for further information.

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