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14th June 2011
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If there's anything my car could do with, it's a new paint job. I drive an N reg (yes I admit it) Vauxhall Astra. I saw an old advert on TV the other day, that featured a reminiscent time warp flashback to the days when my make and model of car was popular.


What was also popular about the Vauxhall Astra model that came out back in the 90s, was its now infamous red paint colour. The old advert shows "my" car as its suped up version with a black spoiler on the back. It careens around a bend on a racecar track, as two of the same vehicles fly overhead. Why do car commercials always have flying cars in them? In reality, cars shouldn't leave the road for ideal safety conditions.


Anyway, I heard from a guy at my local Halfords the other week that the Vauxhall red of my car's year was it's only major fault. The sun and rain bleaches it over a short span of time to a dusty looking pink tone. So basically, the top half of my car is ballerina pink, while the under half looks like it's trying to be red, but barely exudes a dull orange.


All the paint work on red Vauxhall Astra's from the year my car was made have faded. There's actually one blob of shiny red on the bonnet of my car. That's the spot where I used the most polish, but it never lasts.


Not to worry though! At Forward Motors Limited they do car body paint work. They are Malvern's specialists at collision repairs, so contact them today to see what they can do for your car. If it's been in an accident, or if you drive an automatic like I do and you just want the red paint to actually look red again!

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