Cappuccino and comfy sofas
27th July 2010
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I’m wondering what has happened to our glorious sunny weather…where did it go to? The jasmine that neatly framed my garden archway is about to take over the rose bushes and cherry tree that sit near by…and I can’t cut it or climb a ladder for some time to come as I am hobbling about with a bad back.


I sit and ponder about all the things that need doing…not just gardening, but housework, cleaning windows, washing, food shopping…the list grows and grows... as does my frustration at not being able to get about very much.


I’m grateful at least to live in such a pretty area. The beautiful Malvern Hills I can see from my window without actually having to walk them, there are many, many great local shops in the town, and of course a whole host of lovely coffee shops and eateries within throwing distance.


I will at some point today make a shopping list and get someone to help me stock the empty cupboards…and when my back eases a little, go and check out The Bay Tree Restaurant in Upton upon Severn, who I’ve heard have lovely relaxing sofas and serve fresh coffee throughout the day…perfect.




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