Calling all artists to the Lyttelton House Gallery!
2nd June 2011
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Lyttelton House Gallery in Malvern is now renting wall space, for artists to portray their work. The only fees are a weekly (about 4 weeks minimum) payment with no further commission costs.


Two artists who used to disply their work at this gallery were John Smythe and Vivien Bromley. For information on current artists, stop by Lyttelton House Gallery or visit their website.


The gallery also has new ranges of greeting cards that are included in the "buy 5 cards get 1 card free" promotion. They stock Kokeshi dolls too. I was pleased to hear about this as I've already got 2 of them from Japan. Now I can add more Kokeshi dolls to my little collection, direct from the Lyttelton House Gallery.


Local visitors to this gallery have already left loads of positive feedback. You can spread the word about this special gallery here on the best of Malvern website as well, with your valued testimonials.


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