Barnards Green
23rd July 2011
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Today's adventures began in Barnards Green. We were all heading to the Green Frog Pottery place, when we saw a colourful sign pointing down a street. We took the detour and saw many children emgerging with brightly painted faces. Behind the shops we discovered the Toy Library was have a car park specialty fun day!


The first thing my 4 year old daughter wanted to play, was the life size version of Connect 4. Fun stuff! Then we had cakes, played with more toys and signed up for a 6 month membership for only £10!


Before we carried on to Green Frog Pottery, we stopped in at The Cold Chef where I picked up some variety olives and some cheese crackers to munch on while the kids painted their pottery.


I just love shopping in Barnards Green, it's so convenient and right down the road from where we live.

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