Back pain, spiders and housework.
20th September 2010
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Well it’s now a good 12 weeks since the dreaded back pain struck and it’s still very much with me. I continue with the exercise plan and willingly have acupuncture needles stuck into me in the hope that it will help ease the discomfort and pain that has taken hold.


It has become increasingly difficult to get comfortable sitting down so my daily routine now consists of regular ‘stop offs’ on the living room floor in order to get a little comfort from the knawing pain that continues. As I lay on my back and completed a set of exercises it came to my attention that my living room ceiling was desperately in need of a coat of paint.


It also struck me that not only was the ceiling looking tired and worn (much like me), but an army of spiders must have moved in without me noticing. I lay and glanced at each corner and wondered how many spiders it must have taken to weave the many webs that hung from the gloomy corners of the ceiling.



I guess this is ‘pay back’ time for all the spiders I squished as a child…my inability to climb up and take away the fine flimsy webs they have created, my inability to even get to them and shoo them away…just another job that I am unable to sort at this moment in time…



If you have ceilings that need painting or indeed need help with cleaning, you could always enlist the help of Paint Pots and Dusters, check out their feature here on The Best of Malvern!

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