14 Days of Love & Love Your Nails!
21st February 2011
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I've been wanting to visit WR15 for ages, now that they've got a special offer on gel nails, I'm there! Here at The Best of Malvern we're sharing the love over 14 days. But at WR15? I can show my hair and hands some love and care. Every few months I like to get a set of acrylic nails, however, this eventually takes it's toll on my nail beds. The gel manicures on offer at WR15 will be the perfect treatment to get my nails healthy again. The salon has manicures starting at just £20 and none of the treatments are over £35. Bargain! Yet quality care for my nails. Brilliant.


I probably won't be able to resist making an appointment to get my hair done, once I've finished with my manicure at WR15. My hair is dark and long, but with Spring on the way, I definitely want to lighten my look. I'm thinking highlights for sure.


Right then. I'm off out for a walk on the Malvern Hills now. WR15 is situated along BelleVue Terrace, so when I walk back down the hill, I'll be able to stop in today to book my hair and nails appointment. They're open 6 days a week and they've got late nights too. Very convenient for me and my hectic schedule.

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