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If you are looking to support local charities and causes in Malvern, you should consider Funny Blood. Raising awareness of Platelet Function Disorders in children, Funny Blood welcome support and donations from individuals and businesses.

Funny Blood

Not for Profit Organisation

In Malvern

Help Raise Awareness of this Rare Blood Disorder

Funny Blood was founded in 2009 by Ruby Edwards, the mother of Noah Edwards, a one year old boy who was diagnosed with Platelet Function Disorder.

A Not for Profit Organisation, Funny Blood aims to boost awareness of rare blood conditions and would like to raise sufficient funds to provide equipment and grants for the research and awareness of Platelet Function Disorders. 

If you would like to support a local organisation in Malvern, please help Funny Blood. 

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What is Platelet Function Disorder? 

Platelets are cells found in the blood that help control bleeding.  In a child with platelet function disorder their blood may not be able to clot normally.  Symptoms include:

  • Purpura (purple color of the skin after blood has leaked under it forming a bruise, often from no known trauma)
  • Petechia (tiny red dots under the skin that are a result of very small bleeds into the skin)
  • Nosebleeds
  • Bleeding in the mouth and/or in and around the gums
  • Blood in vomit, urine or stool
  • Bleeding in the head (most dangerous symptom that can be life-threatening, usually prompted by a head trauma)

Most platelet disorders are acquired; it is rarely something you are born with. 

Ready to Become a Registered Charity 

Funny Blood has hit their £5,000 target and are preparing to apply to the Charities Commission to be incorporated as a Charitable Trust! 

Funny Blood recently donated money to Birmingham Children’s Hospital – here is what they said: 

“A heartfelt thanks from Birmingham Children’s Hospital for this fantastic donation from Funny Blood.  It will be used to support children, young people and families visiting our Haemophilia Unit by providing more comfortable seating, as well as toys and games, both of which we know are invaluable when families are waiting and naturally anxious.”  

How Can You Help? 

There are so many ways in which you can help and support Funny Blood:

  • Bake a cake to sell at fetes and community sales;
  • Jumble sale – sell your jumble in a local sale;
  • Make a one off donation!
  • Make a regular monthly donation (£2 per month or more)
  • Round your wages up to the nearest pound and donate the difference to Funny Blood;
  • Do something daring or different and get sponsored for it.
  • Make Funny Blood your cause of choice;
  • Hold a one off event to raise money for Funny Blood;
  • Hold regular events to raise money for Funny Blood;
  • Tell a friend all about Funny Blood and see if they would like to help.

Corporate Support

If you own a business in Malvern or anywhere in the UK, please help Funny Blood raise awareness of their organisation by informing your business colleagues and networks of their work. 

If you would like to support Funny Blood, visit the website for further details.