25th January 2010
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Andy Scott issues reality check.

Silkmen vice-chairman Andy Scott has sent a reality check to the supporters and the town: we need to pull together.

Speaking after the Silkmen's 0-0 draw at Port Vale he said:

"I've been Vice Chairman here for two years now, a position of which I am immensely proud as a local lad and is certainly not something I ever expected when I made my playing debut for the Silkmen at the Moss Rose back in 1973 in the heady days of the Northern Premier League
"Back then I don't think anyone could have dreamed that we would end up in the Football League, playing the likes of Port Vale and Crewe on enough of a level playing field to have taken seven points from four games against them in a season. I think that some people are forgetting the struggles we faced in the past. It's very easy to forget the struggles the club faced in those days and it is a level of football that I never want this club to return to.

"I was amongst many people at the match on Saturday. It wasn't a classic by any means, but we witnessed a hard, battling performance, away from home at a club with significantly higher resources which resulted in a draw and a move up the table. Both managers have said that the pitch made any football difficult. I certainly didn't believe that the players deserved the reaction they got from a minority of our supporters.

"I understand and believe that everyone has their right to an opinion, but as a former player myself, I don't think that reaction was in any way helpful. We have a lot of young lads here who have fragile confidence and some of the boos and jeers will have done nothing to improve that.

"Certainly the Vale directors and fans I spoke to after the game were all very surprised to hear a reaction as severe as that from visiting supporters."

The draw at Vale came a few days after a disappointing home reverse to Northampton Town which saw only 1,035 people at the Moss Rose.

"I have to say that was possibly my lowest point in football especially during my time here with the Silkmen. We knew that we only had five days to market the game but I believe the people behind the scenes did everything they could to promote the match after our excellent team of volunteers had done all they could to try and get the game on, on the Saturday.

"We also were relying on a bit of 'word-of-mouth' but we'd hoped that the last couple of home games, a 3-1 win and a 4-1 win, might have generated a bit of a buzz.

"We know that football is an up-and-down game and that the mini-run around Christmas was only 'one swallow' but to sit down to the match and see how few people were at the ground was painful.

"Putting it simply, there's no way we can continue to run a Football League club, not least one with aspirations of achieving something, on those sorts of attendances."

"Macclesfield Town is a club well respected inside the game for being run the 'Right Way' and this is something that the Chairman and I have tried to uphold in what are obviously difficult circumstances. The extension of Keith Alexander's contract is a testament to this as he is a manager with vast experience of achieving success on a tight budget in this division.

"In recent years this club has been absolutely indebted to the investment from Amar and Bashar. Simply put, without them I think it's possible that we wouldn't have a club at all, let alone one in the Football League.

"But the recent worldwide financial problems have hit everyone hard, including our generous benefactors. Over the past 18 months this club has been running almost entirely under its own steam with cash injections from other board members assisting from time to time. This is how it should be but it does mean that we need all the help we can get if we want to succeed. The Board has been actively looking for new sources of external investment in the last few months.

"With sponsorship hard to come by in the current environment it doesn't take a genius to realise that if we continue with the current gates, we will struggle to continue to run a Football League club.

"We need our band of loyal supporters and the rest of the town to really pull together.When it comes down to it, if Macclesfield is to have a club in the Football League we need more bums on seats and feet on the terrace.

"It's very clear that many regular supporters have drifted away over recent seasons. We need to understand why and to take the actions necessary to win them back.

"We've have had several Q and A sessions recently which have failed to get to the real root of the issue. We know that there is a problem with the matchday catering here at the Moss and this is something we are actively looking in to. We genuinely want to make the matchday experience the best possible within our limited means for our supporters around the ground not just in the McIlroy Suite and Presidents Bar.

"With this in mind, we want to hear from supporters, both current and lapsed to contact us with any idea of what we can do differently we would like to hear from them at the usual office details.

"We play Morecambe here at the Moss Rose on Tuesday night and will welcome back Sammy McIlroy, the manager who gave us the chance to compete at this level.

"Including his first season in the Football League this club spent more than a season unbeaten in League football here at the Moss Rose. This attitude of 'Fortress Moss Rose' is one we need to get back.

"I do hope we can use this fixture as an opportunity to get back on track and start pulling together for the future of the club. We can only be successful through our own efforts and with the support of the town.

"Like everyone involved in our football club, we must never forget that we hold a cherished position in the Football League. How many clubs, in the Conference and beyond would love to be stood in our shoes at this moment in time. Week to week we rub shoulders with some smashing football clubs. The likes of Rochdale, Bury, Shrewsbury, Notts County Bradford etc.

"It is vital that we stand together at this difficult time for the Silkmen and all work forward together. It is up to all of us, The Board, the Trust, the team, season ticket holders and the paying public of Macclesfield to make sure that we never take for granted our status as a Football League club.

"Your support at this time is vital and as always is greatly appreciated by everyone at the club."

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