Trash or Treasure? Find out what it's worth as the Duke brings his Real Deal to Macclesfield!
22nd March 2012
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Dickinson’s Real Deal is currently the most popular daytime show on ITV, regularly watched by over a million people and is presently in its eighth successful series.


The Duke will be bringing his dealers along to Macclesfield on March 31st 2012 to see what treasures Silktown has in store for them, and will no doubt be expecting to view some original Macclesfield silkwork. Now is the time to root out your antiques, collectables and curios, and perhaps discover you've been sticking your daffs in a Ming all these years!


Your items will be shown initially to an independent valuer, who will make an off camera assessment of how much it could be worth. You can then present them to the dealers and negotiate a cash deal with them. The programme delights in presenting items with an interesting story behind them, whether it be local history or the fact that you rescued that silver teapot from the bottom of a skip.


Don't be fainthearted in your negotiations - half the fun is in squeezing an extra fiver out of the dealers! David Dickinson will be hovering in the background, keeping an eye on the deals and ready to step in with advice if needs be. But ultimately of course the decision is yours as to whether to take the cash or gamble at auction. Which is 'the Real Deal?'


If you decide to take the goods to auction, The Duke will again be on hand to assist and advise as you gamble an offer of hard cash against the unknown quantity of the auction house. It's clear from watching the programme that it is as much about the fun and excitement of the deals and auctions as it is about the cold hard cash.


You can call the show beforehand to tell them about your items by calling the Dickinson's Real Deal hotline on 0117 970 7618 or just turn up on the day. Admission is free


You can find more details of Dickinson's Real Deal's visit to Macclesfield, and a link to the DRD website on our Events page.

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