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20th July 2009
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Thebestofmacclesfield?? what's that all about is a question we get asked everywhere we go these days so I thought I would tell you some of the ethos behind what we do here!

At thebestofmacclesfield we actively promote and vigourously market the BEST businesses in our town and borough.

In these tough economic times we provide a cost effective way for the best businesses in macclesfield to tell all our members about their great service and products and for all our members to have the opportunity to see why they should be using these great businesses who offer them much more than the average business.

If you know of a great business and would like to recommend them to us then sign up to thebestofmacclesfield free and click recommend, by doing this you will also be entered into our free £500 thankyou competition, if you win this you will get the chance to spend £500 with one of our business members.

We are always keen to hear your thoughts and opinions and this blog is just another way for you to tell us what it is you want to see us doing and how we may help you the people of macclesfield.

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