Simple and easy tips for a great Halloween party!
28th September 2015
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  1. Using white plastic cups, make ghost decorations by tipping them upside down and in permanent pen drawing ghost faces on them! Easy!
  2. Create your own ghost balloons! Buy as many white balloons as possible and using a pen get the children to draw faces on them. They can be drawn on before or after they have been blown up. Sometimes it’s more fun to draw on them first as the faces becomes distorted when blown up!
  3. Make you own ghost garland! This is easy! Using white paper, get the children to draw some ghosts and cut them out. Then attach these to some ribbon or string to tie up around the house. This Halloween your house will look the best!
  4. Buy some small plastic spiders and put these in your ice cube trays. Fill up with water as usual and freeze! This makes your very own spider ice!
  5. Plan some great but simple games! Bobbing apples is always a favourite. But some others are: Pin the bone on the skeleton, Halloween trail or find the bat! 
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