Making a Will - QualitySolicitors Roberts Crossley explains the importance of protecting and distributing your assets
9th August 2011
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A Will is considered to be the most important document you will ever produce; it protects and distributes your assets in accordance with your wishes. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances – young, old, married, single, with or without children – you should consider making a Will.



People tend to put off preparing a Will as they believe it signifies the end. By making a Will you are, in fact, securing the future of your loved ones. It is often assumed that if you do not make a Will your possessions are automatically left to your loved ones in their entirety. This is incorrect, if you die without a valid Will you are considered to have died “intestate”. This means that your affairs are dealt with according to a set of legal rules and not in a way in which you may have hoped.



The absence of a Will often leads to family disputes and hardship for those closest to us. In order to look after those we leave behind it is important to plan ahead.



At QualitySolicitors Roberts Crossley, we explain things to clients in a straight forward way; we do not overload our clients with legal jargon. We believe in using plain English and good communication. We work around our clients to ensure the process is efficient and easy, enabling them to make a Will without inconvenience.



If you would like more information regarding making a Will or updating an existing Will, please contact Catharine Crossley at QSRC – 01625 442771 or send an email for further information.  

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