Macclesfield landmark White Nancy given a World Cup facelift
2nd June 2010
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Macclesfield landmark White Nancy has been called many things over the years, but this Summer it looks set to be the focal point for World Cup celebrations in the area after it was given a St. Georges Cross makeover by a mysterious night time painter.


Local residents noticed the change on Saturday morning after a mysterious, unseen artist had worked overnight to paint a huge red St. Georges Cross around the monument.


Local authorities charged with maintaining White Nancy have also outlined that the new paintjob might remain for the duration of the World Cup.


David Broadhurst, clerk to Bollington Town Council commented: “I think it looks quite good, it's simply nice as a flag during the World Cup and personally I wouldn't object to it staying until it’s over. We don't want to encourage people to vandalise it, it's called White Nancy for a reason, but I think it's good to make use of the landmark we have.”


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