Is your Macclesfield business ready for London 2012?
2nd February 2012
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No, we don’t mean getting your jogging bottoms on or booking time off work to watch the key races – the Olympics is likely to cause havoc with your business broadband as millions of people in the UK stream events on their computers or smartphones at work and at home.


Business division of Be Broadband UK, Be Wholesale, recently predicted that London 2012 ‘will put an enormous strain on internet infrastructure and could even crash some office networks’.


Not only that, but UK mobile phone networks may also have their work cut out for them, as people use their smartphones to watch sporting events. Initially designed purely for voice traffic, the unprecedented amount of mobile data traffic during the Olympics may see our mobiles fail.


So what can be done to address this issue? Sean Gooding, Co-Director of Macclesfield based telecoms and internet specialist, Reliance Networks, comments: “We are already working alongside our suppliers and clients to find a solution that is both economical and keeps their business running throughout London 2012.


“There are a number of options available, but they need to be implemented soon to ensure that you receive the level of service your business relies upon to operate.”


Preparation is key; contact Reliance Networks today to speak to an advisor.

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