Free fire safety advice for local businesses from Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
3rd September 2010
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Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service have been taking to the streets in Macclesfield this week to offer valuable and possibly life saving advice to local businesses.


The Fire Protection Team have been hitting the town centre to offer arson prevention information and useful contacts to local businesses on how to report incidents of anti-social and possibly dangerous behaviour within Macclesfield.


But the help does not end there, The Fire Protection Team are always available to local businesses and individuals with free advice and support on how to protect their property and livelyhood from the threat of fire.


It is thought that around 80% of businesses in the UK are seriously or irrevocably affected by fire at some point and the Macclesfield Team are always on hand to offer simple advice that can significantly reduce the threat to local companies:


·         Ensuring waste is regularly removed by the local authority or a contractor

·         Make sure outside waste containers are locked when not in use and secured so that they cannot be moved and placed against the property

·         Checking that all external doors, roof lights and windows are secure outside business hours.

·         Provide security lighting in dimly lit areas.

·         Consider CCTV where appropriate.


Further information and advice can be found at the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service website or by contacting The Fire Protection Team on 01606 868700


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