Find Mortgages Confusing? Macclesfield’s Harts LLP is here to help!
9th April 2011
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Mortgages can be daunting for first timers, confusing for the best of us, and frightening for the unprepared! This need not be the case, and Harts LLP is on hand to help.



Harts LLP’s specialist mortgage advisors have put together a drop in centre every Wednesday to advise and give tips and inside knowledge on how best to manage your mortgage, or indeed get the best deal in the first place.



They appreciate that it is a big decision and a big commitment to look after, and so their mortgage advisor, Abby Baker, can offer guidance on a great mortgage products and which would be best suited to you.



The initial consultation is free, and just requires a call to Abby to arrange an appointment. So if you feel you are in too deep, don’t know where to start, or just outright confused, don’t delay in getting in touch and getting to grips with your mortgage issues and tackle them head on!

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