Concerns over Swineflu and Getting the Right Information
28th July 2009
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The big  local talking point in Macclesfield,Cheshire and indeed all over the United Kingdom and World at the moment is  the worry concerning swineflu

Although here at thebestofmacclesfield we are not health experts, we do feel one of the biggest ways to help people and businesses is information and communication, and that is something we can help with. With one of the biggest worries for a lot of people,both the general public and businesses being accurate information and speed of diagnosis,we thought we would try to help you,and the pressure on the NHS,GP'S and  Doctor's Surgery phone lines,by giving you some numbers  and website addresses you may find helpful.


The NHS Helpline Telephone Numbers: 0800 15 13 100 or 0800 15 13 513


For people who are deaf or hard of hearing a textphone number- 0800 15 13 200


The following websites may also be of use to you;



For your information the Antiviral Collection Point,(where you are advised to send a friend not suffering from flu like symptoms),to pick up any prescribed antivirals,such as  Tamiflu or other prescribed antiviral drugs is;


The Senior Citizens Hall, which is located on Duke St Car Park, Macclesfield. (Behind Porter’s Public House)


Please be advised you will need a voucher code number from the Helpline or Doctor in order for your friend to be able to pick the prescription up for you.


If you you are a business with particular concerns regarding swineflu then you may find advice at the following website:



We at thebestofmacclesfield sincerely hope you do not have the need to use these numbers but if you do we hope we have helped and wish you a full and speedy recovery.


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