Chelford Car Boot is a ‘BOOTiful’ way to kick off the Macclesfield school holidays
14th July 2011
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You know they're going to get bored, you know they're going to cost you, and you know there'll be mess...



Rather than suffering through the summer holiday with bored kids and a house that looks like a bomb’s hit it, deal with it now!



Don't think of it as bribery, think of it as enterprise...  Just how much stuff do your kids have cluttering up every corner of their room (and potentially the whole house, garden, shed, loft...)? 



First, get them to sort it.  Second, get them to clean it up. Third, get them to price it.  Load it into the car and head to the (almost) world famous Chelford Car Boot. 



Every Sunday and Bank Holiday there's money to be made (and spent... we’d advise you to try and resist that!)  Take the Lord Sugar approach with your kids and get some competition going between them to see who can raise the most and and whatever they make is theirs!  Result – a couple of days’ boredom taken care of, a little bit of money made and a decluttered house!



Toilets and refreshments are available on site, and Chelford Car Boot open for buyers and sellers from 8.00am with no booking required.



For details of pitch prices, go to The Best of Macclesfield’s Events Page.

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