AstraZeneca staff strike over pension dispute
13th September 2010
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Local AstraZeneca workers have walked out on a historic strike in a row over pensions.


Applauded by local residents and passing drivers, hundreds of employees at the company's Hurdsfield site in Macclesfield stood on the picket line last week in response to the company's plan to curb pension benefits after the end of the year.


The strike represents only the third time workers at a UK company have walked out over pensions and is a historic first for commerce in Macclesfield.


A worker on the picket line explained that many long serving employees were dismayed by the proposed changes: "AstraZeneca are sending a message that loyalty means nothing. We are devastated that they aren’t taking this seriously." 


"I’ve worked for the company for 31 years and the values of my pension are frozen at 2010 levels. None of us have taken this decision to strike lightly."


The next strike is due to take place on Wednesday, with further strikes planned throughout September if an agreement cannot be made soon.

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