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I spent a very damp cold Friday night at Ronnie's and had a really good night. The music was kicking, the crowd eclectic to say the least, from Hells Angels to emo's and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves, despite the weather! Everyone was dancing away to club classics, reggae, hip hop and didn't have to suffer JLS ONCE! The whole place had a happy vibe, staff had a sense of humour and I couldn't believe it was 3am so soon!!! If you want to have a good night out in Macc, then Ronnie's your place to go!
The quality of the cocktails that they sell 2 for £10 are really good, and I went on on Wednseday and was offered Belvedere vodka for the same price as Smirnoff!!
Had my party at Ronnie's at the weekend, the staff were great and really looked after us. The DJ really made our night, well that and the fact that Ronnie gave me a bottle of bubbly for free. I would recommend Ronnie's to anyone, the party cost nothing, but I was made to feel a million bucks!
Ronnies is a great place for a night out, its really friendly and always buzzing!!
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