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I only joined the choir a few months ago, but have found everyone to be very friendly and keen. I enjoy the rehearsals on a Monday night as I am able to clear my head totally of work thoughts and I always feel uplifted afterwards. We always have a laugh at rehearsals, but that does not detract from the professionalism. But the best part is the sound we make, and being part of it.
I've only been in the choir for a year. When I joined I was made to feel very welcome and I wish I had joined 10 years ago. We have a fine musical director, a brilliant accompanist and rehearsals are much fun. The quality of the singing blows me away. Come and see and listen for yourselves.
You don't have to live in Macclesfield to be a member of the choir. I have been a member for over 12 years and like a good few of us from Wilmslow, we love the camaraderie the choir provides. SING, LAUGH and be HAPPY as a member of the M.M.V.C.and you might even see parts of the World you have not seen before. Bill McWalter, Wilmslow.
Having been a member of Macclesfield Male Voice Choir for almost 25 years, I can thoroughly recommend anyone to get along to Monday night rehearsals at Broken Cross Methodist Church. We have such a lot of good times together and we are pleased to give concerts for many local and national charities. It's a really worthwhile pastime. Incidentally, don't ask me whether it's a B flat or A natural, I just don't know!
I've been a member of the choir for 3 years now and enjoy every moment of it. We are a passionate team of singers who really care about the choir and always want to give our best. Every year we're traveling somewhere nationally or internationally to perform and have a great time together. We've traveled to Prague, Canada, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Germany and Denmark. All of these tours were huge successes with great performances and fabulous experiences. But we also give the same passion amd quality at our smaller local concerts, and most of our concerts are for charitable causes. The choir highly respects the opinions of its members and there's a great comradery between us all. There's a committee which does all the administration and decisions and the members get to vote who's on that committee. Overall a very professionally run choir with a wealth of experience and a bunch of very friendly and welcoming guys. No surprise we consistently grow in numbers.
The Macclesfield Male Voice Choir was established in 1955 and currently has over 60 members, from all walks of life. The atmosphere, camaraderie and fellowship within the choir are unparalleled and there is a very warm welcome for any male, who need not necessarily read music, to join the choir provided they have a love and enthusiasm for singing. Trevor Davies, Chairman.
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