David Hornsby - Life Coach, & NLP Practitioner

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David's warm, friendly, sincere nature make him incredibly easy to talk to and to trust. He genuinely cares about his clients and is obviously passionate about helping people to help themsleves. His approach is very simple - guide people and help them see their own strengths, equip them with the tools they need so that they can help themselves, then encourage them to take the steps they want to take. Every meeting with him has shown me something new about myself, given me another tool to make my life better and helped me to develop a better understanding of what I'm looking for and why.
David is enthusiastic about NLP without using lots of technical jargon. The exercises were clear, easy to follow and very good. Will certainly be using some of the techniques that we learnt. Left the session feeling positive and relaxed.
To many people, deciding to see a life coach could seem a huge and daunting step, but David Hornsby is such a wonderful, warm, friendly person that it doesn't seem like that at all. He has offered me simple, sensible, easy-to-follow advice which has already made a huge change to how I see myself and my life, after less than three months. Already I have taken steps that I am sure I wouldn't have taken before I knew David and I now look forward to seeing where life is going to take me, rather then be daunted about what lies ahead. I can't recommend him highly enough.
I have just come to the end of 6 sessions I had booked with David and I really can't recommend him enough. I have been able to share my thoughts, passions and concerns and, in a remarkable way, David helps you to come to your own conclusions, realise your own potential and make you feel good about everything. Yes, everything!
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