The Health Kick
  • Lutterworth
The Health Kick advocates a sensible, holistic approach to fitness and nutrition - weight loss is not just about what the scales say and healthy eating isn't about counting calories!

At the Health Kick we offer exercise and nutrition plans to fit in with busy lifestyles and make feeling fit, strong and healthy a way of life not a temporary fix.

  • Covering South Leicestershire mainly but geographically flexible
  • Alternative to gyms or fad diets – lifestyle changes
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Friendly & Supportive – tailored to your objectives

Our Services

Nutrition and Weight Management

At The Health Kick we know that to get to, and maintain, a healthy weight is not about counting calories! Our aim is to change your metabolic rate through a balanced diet and the right exercise.

The place to start is with a Nutrition Consultation, so we can understand your eating habits and your personal likes and dislikes. That way we can help you to work out an eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

Body Composition Analysis

Most of us make the mistake of monitoring weight loss by jumping on the bathroom scales and crossing our fingers for a smaller number, but if you are trying to lose weight then understanding your body composition is more important. We’ll carry out a Body Composition test and your results will help you to understand your body and enable us to target your exercise and nutrition plan to ensure you get the maximum results from your programme.

Healthy Businesses

As an employer, you can make a real difference to motivation, productivity and absence levels by encouraging employees to take care of their health. We can help by providing services such as fun interactive workshops, Exercise in the Workplace classes or Business Boot Camps – just call to discuss your requirements – we provide all equipment, all you need to provide is an empty room or open space.

Personal Fitness

Personal Training is exactly that – tailored to suit you, whatever your individual aims.

Sessions can be planned around your schedule and carried out at a location near to your home/work at a time that suits you, or in the lovely countryside setting of Equilesse Studio, near Market Harborough, on Thursday & Friday afternoons.

If you want a Personal Trainer but want to share the cost why not have a 1:2?


We’re really keen to help you along your fitness and/or weightloss journey – just call for a chat where your goals can be discussed in more detail.  Initial consultations are offered free of charge either face to face or over the phone