When is the optimum time to have new windows installed?
27th July 2015
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New windows are not cheap and can cause a lot of disruption when they are installed but there are times when having new ones is for the greater good. If you change existing windows before the current ones give up, time, money and hassle will all be saved and you will be able to plan for their instillation thus reducing the disruption to your daily routines.

There are some signs to be looking out for to tell if your windows are starting to wear and will soon be at the point of needing replacing. The first of these is pretty obvious. If they are starting to stick when opening them and you’re getting to the point where it’s something that you really don’t want to be doing, it would really be worthwhile looking into getting new ones. Similarly, if you notice that condensation is appearing between the window panes during the winter months then this too could mean that a change is going to be needed sooner rather than later as this could lead to the window frames becoming wet and soggy leading to problems if left.

Old windows can also become problematic, especially if they are wooden framed, as the paint can chip and peal if not properly maintained which will let in the cold, wet and damp and rot the wood. The result of which could be panes of glass falling out. Wooden frames are fairly easy to repair if problems are caught early but leaving them will mean the only solution is replacement.

If existing windows are double glazed but are becoming foggy this is something that isn’t easily fixed. If it’s only one pane of glass then it is possible to have it replaced but it could be more cost effective just to replace the whole window. Similarly, if the casement starts to sag then this is something can only be fixed by a full replacement.

While getting new windows can be an expensive business, with the advances in technology and window construction, new windows are more energy efficient and could well end up saving you money on heating bills, even if you just replace existing double glazing with new double glazed windows.

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