How Regularly Should I have New Windows Installed?
22nd March 2017
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Window frames do deteriorate with time and due to the ingress of rain, snow, plus high wind damage it is essential to keep an eye on any decay and unsightly windows as a matter of good housekeeping, economy, and safety.

Having an expert take a look on a regular basis, in the Spring-time to ascertain the state of health of the wooded parts that can become rotten causing a potential safety risk, and allow heat to escape from inside which is a waste of both energy and money. Replacement of the windows can then be part of one’s planned budget, rather than allowing it to become and emergency spend.

How do you know how often your windows need to be replaced?

Talk to the professionals at Dream Installations Ltd, in Lowestoft. Dream Installations Ltd was formed back in 2003 by Glenn Brodie and Roy Clements. The company has built its excellent reputation on quality service, expert advice and each of them having over 25 years' experience in the industry, and thanks to their determination to provide excellent results and top quality customer service. The team at Dream Installations are experts in the field; with a minimum of 10 years' experience each, customers may be assured that their home is in good hands. Their retail windows and doors are made with market leading products that are household names like 'Rehau PVCu Windows and Doors' and 'Planitherm Total + Glass Sealed Units' which reinforce the company image for quality; they also do their bit for the environment by recycling all old windows and doors helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Dream Installations Ltd is a FENSTA Registered Company meaning that they are approved specialists in this field, and highly trustworthy. The window products that they are able to supply include:

Double Glazing,

Bay windows,

Casement Windows,

Vertical Sliding Windows,

Tilt and turn Windows,

Shaped Windows.

All of these products are designed to enhance the home’s security and energy efficiency, customers may choose from a wide range of designs and effects.

Design Installations Ltd is very highly recommended by The Best of UK as a most trusted and recommended, by local people, business in Lowestoft.

Design Installations Ltd may located at:


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