The Beach
  • Radio House,
    10 Oulton Road,
Advertise your business on The Beach - your local radio station in Lowestoft, a powerful medium and an important part of the local and business community.

The Beach 103.4 + 97.4 FM + Digital - Great Songs and Local News for the East Coast

The Beach is Lowestoft's official local radio station covering Lowestoft and the East Coast.

Serving local people with local content, The Beach covers:

  • Local news
  • Local information
  • Local traffic
  • Local Events
  • Local Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Local Charities and Fundraising


Recommended by The Best of Lowestoft

Advertising on The Beach

If you own a business in Lowestoft, what better way to reach your audience than radio advertising?

A great way to target consumers, the radio is the best friend of millions of people every day of the week - and is one of the mainstays for enterprises who are looking to build their business locally.

Why Advertise on the Radio?

There are many reasons why you should choose the radio to advertise your business including:

  • Radio talks to people at the right time and place
  • It can reach listeners even when they are engaged in other activities;
  • Radio reaches everyone - including new customers;
  • Radio allows advertisers to talk to selective groups;
  • Radio makes people happy and is a friend for listeners - this warms people to presenters and advertisers;
  • Radio is flexible.


Why Choose The Beach?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose The Beach radio station to advertise and promote their business including:

  • They cover a wide area;
  • They serve local people with local content;
  • Being local creates a positive and unique relationship with their listeners;
  • They deliver key messages easily and effectively;
  • Advertising rates are affordable.


And finally…

For further information on how you can advertise your business on The Beach, call the advertising and sponsorship team now on 0845 345 1035.

Please mention thebestof Lowestoft when you contact The Beach for radio advertising.

Latest Reviews

The beach radio is the best radio station in the area, friendly service, great prices and our rep is always friendly and happy to see us. She gives us the best possible deals and is always a joy to talk...