Questions you should ask yourself every month if you own a business
19th October 2011
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If you own your own business and want to make more money then you should ask yourself some key questions every month.

1.    Do you talk to your clients every month?

2.    Do you talk to your prospects every month?

3.    Do you give free information and advice to both?

4.    Does your website have an objective (info only or sales generation)?

5.    Do you have a bank of testimonials from clients saying how good you are?

6.    Is your brand consistent across everything you do?

7.    Is your literature/website etc easy and simple to understand or is it full of jargon?

8.    Is Social Media something you hope will go away?

9.    Do you have an objective behind any social media work you do?

These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself every month, there are many more. If you don’t have time to think about these then consider;  Are you losing business, extra sales or not getting that extra customer?

Focus on these things, get advice from people or employ a marketing professional to work with you.

Great advice is available from Balanced Marketing, a North Wales based company that has been helping companies like Compass Financial, Williams Denton and Carbon Zero for many years.

You can read their feature on the bestof by clicking on this link or pasting it into your browser

If you'd like to discuss these questions or your business, give them a call for a free informal chat on 07817 463 420.


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