Precious Memories By Maggie Jenkins from Find the Flaw Decluttering Services
18th October 2011
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I Have had some wonderful conversations lately with people about understanding and separating what is precious from the unnecessary in their lives.

I have encouraged others to think when they speak to people about trying to unclutter their homes, not to use words like rubbish when they speak of a persons possessions.

It will likely put the barrier instead of the bridge up for further discussion about Decluttering! In my work as a Professional Declutter and Organiser, I listen to stories from people who find it very difficult to part with either some or any of their possessions.

There is so much in the media and on the television about sorting your home out and getting rid of rubbish. But the important thing to remember here is, that it is your decision to move forward or not.

If your physical and emotional health is at risk if you do not sort out more space in your home to breathe and move about more freely, and to find things easily, then you would be wise to decide to get some professional help to enable you to calmly work out a plan of action.

But find something precious in your possessions today, and take a 5 minute break to consider why it is important to you. Then look around at all the other items in your home that are collecting dust, and worse are in a pile on the floor, and consider this question. Would it not be more of a Blessing to have precious items like this one I am holding in my hands right now, and can feel it and know it's memories, than to have things scattered all around that I have not even seen or used for more than 12 months.

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