Paramount Pictures to build a Theme Park in Mercia, Spain
25th November 2010
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Paramount Pictures have chosen the region of Murcia for the construction of the biggest theme park in Spain which aims to compete directly with Disneyland in Paris
The project will have the added value of some cinematographic studios which will be the centre of all Paramount’s productions in Europe.


With the new international airport ahead of schedule Murcia will be incredibly easy to get to. This will be the only airport in Spain with a high speed rail link to all major cities in Spain by 2014.

The Murcian regional government are saying that Murcia will become the leisure centre of Spain with a 2.5k square complex with 15,000 hotel beds, creating 20,000 jobs and attracting 3 million visitors The project is estimated to be completed in 2 years
Michael Bartok the executive president of Paramount wants to start the ball rolling just as soon as it has been proven to be economically viable. The viability study is due to be completed this month
This will have a fantastic effect on property prices and rental returns.
Resort Homes sell property at an amazing development close to this site.
They have got small 2 bed apartments available for around £95,000.  There is an anticipation that the value of these will rise once building of the theme park is underway.

If you’d like further information on this please speak to Paul or Gill O’Brien on 01745 816200.

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