How To Get Value From Your Accountant…
22nd December 2011
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How To Get Value From Your Accountant…

What is Value?
Value is the relative worth, merit, or importance of something
There are many ways to get value from your accountant, I have summarised a few below:

Saving Your Money
No one in the UK wants to pay taxes. However, planning to reduce your tax liability requires professional advice. Don’t make decisions based on what someone has told you in the pub or a magazine article that you’ve skimmed through. More often than not this can end up costing you money rather than saving it.

Saving Your Time
Your time is precious whether it be your business time, personal time or family time. If your accountant is doing your VAT returns, for example, this frees up time for you to spend working on improving your business.

Doing the bookkeeping yourself
If you decide to complete some of the work yourself you must ensure that it’s up to an acceptable standard.
Make sure your accounting records are reconciled to your bank accounts. Make sure your workings are easy to follow, be as descriptive as possible when recording your accounting entries.

Act on Advice
You are an expert in your field; likewise a qualified accountant is an expert in their field. Qualified accountants have gone through years of training and are committed to continual professional development. If you are advised to do something it will always be in your best interests and will benefit you.
Your accountant provides you with better value for money by knowing your business and giving good sound advice that helps your business grow.

Keep In Contact
A good accountant will not just do the work that you engage them to do. For example, instead of just preparing your financial statements, a good accountant will give you proactive advice. However the advice that they give you is limited by the information they receive from you, seek advice not solutions.

Speak to your accountant
There are lots of accountants out there and it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. Consider whether yours is giving you all of the above. If you feel that you’re not then maybe it’s time to chat to another accountant.

We don’t need to tell you about us, you can listen to what our customers say:

Unlike many accountants, Williams Denton get involved with your business. They make it their mission to understand what you do. They visit your premises, speak to the staff, ask the right questions and get to know how your business runs. This means they can advise you better and is the main reason we have been with them for over 20 years.

-          Tracy Williams, Conwy Valley Windows & Conservatories Ltd

The service that we have received from them has always been excellent.  Their advice and support has been exemplary.  They are very professional but approachable and always return your calls if they are unavailable on initial contact.

-          Dilys J Roberts, Practice Manager, Glanrafon Surgery

We can promise you that you’ll get value from us.

If you’d like to speak to us at Williams Denton, call us for a FREE  intial discussion on 01492 877478.

Adam Owen, Accountant





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