Grand Theatre Llandudno Sold to Un-named Buyer
27th March 2015
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The Grand Theatre Llandudno has finllay been sold in at auction in London. The new owners have not been named but paid the hefty price tag of £140,000 for the building which has recently fallen in to disrepair. Most recently opened as a night club the theatre closed in 2013 and has been deteriorating ever since.

The Llandudno Seaside Buildings Preservation Trust did not bid on the building due to its potential liabilities, but remain hopeful of acquiring the site as a community interest project.

Mark Pavey, working on behalf on the trust, said: “This could be good news and we just have to hope that it is a good buyer who knows what sort of condition the site is in.

“There are a number of enforcement notices that can and should be placed on the building by Conwy County Council, and the new owner may not be aware of this.

“We are still planning to approach the new owner with an offer for the building and now we have a figure of purchase we can approach the Heritage Lottery Fund with a specific figure to try and tip the scales in our favour.

“But for now all we can do is wait.”

Despite the hammer falling it could take several weeks before the deal is confirmed and we know more about the future of this beautiful old theatre.

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