Do you know what a QR code is?
9th September 2011
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A QR Code (it stands for "Quick Response") is a mobile phone readable barcode that's been big in Japan forever andbroke into Europe a while back.

They can be used to quickly give people information about you, your company or an event you are holding.

People can scan a QR code with their smart phone. Simply download any of the FREE apps such as QRReader to your phone and scan my QR code in this blog.

This one contains my personal details and the names of my wife and children.


Here' some really practical uses for them:

Add one to your business card

People can then scan your details off them without having to type them up.


Add one to your event posters

People can scan them and get the info about your events quickly and easily


Estate Agents, add them to your properties with details

People can scan and take the info home with them or have your contact details!!

These are just a few examples of their uses. They can be used online and in print format.They are very cost effective to produce too.


if you think they could be of use to your business or want further information, then give me, Phil Harding from Balanced Marketing a call on 07817 463420.

I'll give give you some free advice and a free no obligation quote.

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