A summary report of the Pub Restaurant Industry by Williams Denton Accountants
25th April 2012
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A summary report of the Pub Restaurant Industry by Williams Denton Accountants

This report was compiled ‘The Corporate Finance Network’ in conjunction with Williams Denton Accountants & Tax Advisors. 

The report covers the following key areas:

  • Sector Overview
  • Summary of M&A Activity in the Sector
  • Summary of Relevant Acquirers
  • Most Active Investors in the Sector
  • Attractive Acquisition Prospects in the Sector
  • Companies Currently for Sale in the Sector
  • Benchmarking Report

This report also contains a variety of information about the sector such as:

  • The summary begins by stating that there were an estimated 55,015 pubs in the UK in 2010 and these generated a combined turnover of approximately £15.13 billion.
  • These figures are a marked reduction on what they were 10 years ago, with Key Note adding that even in 2006 there were approximately 3,000 more pubs in the country.
  • The trend highlighted by these statistics of pubs closing down and turnover decreasing is at least slowing down on a long term basis, but in the short term it shows that the industry is still in decline.
  • On a more positive note, the Executive Summary declares that the saviour of the public industry could prove to be food. Around 27% of the industry’s revenue now comes from meals, snacks and soft drinks, which is a considerably higher percentage than 10 years ago.
  • The report looks at the future of the public house industry and believes that pubs could become slightly less distinctive because they are increasingly likely to cater for more demographics. This may range from offering meals and coffee during the daytime to playing loud music and catering for a younger crowd in the evenings.
  • The Executive Summary concludes with the prediction that the industry will be worth approximately £14.73 billion by 2015, with an estimated 54,150 pubs operating across the UK.

The full report is packed full of information similar to that listed above. You’ll need to get your hands on this obtain further details.

The Full 25 page report done in conjunction with ‘The Corporate Finance Network’ is available from Williams Denton.

For your pdf copy, contact them on 01492 877478 or email llandudno@williamsdenton.co.uk

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