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11th December 2009
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5 Tips For Making Your Carpets Last Longer

Without doubt your carpeting is one of the most expensive investments in your home. You can spend a lot of money just re-carpeting even an average sized house. Besides money, you will also spend lots of time choosing the right kind of carpet and the perfect colour, but how much time  have you spent to make sure that it lasts? This article contains a few tips to help you make your carpets last.

  1. The single most important thing you can do to make your carpeting last is vacuum it on a regular basis. This is also probably the most neglected step in carpet care.  By vacuuming I don’t mean pick up a few bits as and when you see them.  Your carpet is not a two-dimensional floor like tiles or a wooden floor … it is three- dimensional so you have depth as well.   It’s important to vacuum over the whole carpet so you get the dirt out you can’t see hiding at the bottom of the pile.  The soil from within your carpets is the most dangerous. It is soil that would otherwise wear and abrade the carpet fibres every time you step on it. If you do nothing else to increase your carpet life, vacuum.
  2. Another great way to protect your carpeting is to prevent the soil from coming into the home to start with!   Place entry mats (or barrier matting), which can be thrown in the washing machine regularly, wherever your carpet meets hard surface, or at main entrances. This will give your family and friends a place to transfer soil to before they walk on your carpets. Place the mats on the hard surface and not the carpet. If you place it on the carpeting, you might get a soil line around it.
  3. A third method of protecting your carpet is to rearrange the furniture often. It is not as easy as the other methods but it pays big dividends. By moving furniture around you change the way traffic flows through the room. This keeps you and your family from wearing out the same exact area of carpet. You instead spread the wear around.
  4. Get in the habit of having your carpets cleaned often.  Carpets are the filter to the home and help trap all the nasty particles, which float in the air, and we would normally swallow.  Do not wait until they look dirty as this can also damage the fibres. Set yourself up on a cleaning schedule where you clean it at regular intervals. If you wait too long, stains will set in and your carpet will become irreversibly worn.
  5. Ask for anti-stain carpet protector.  This works like the protector for protecting your leather shoes, or wet weather clothing.  It covers the surface with an invisible shield, which helps to prevent everyday spills from becoming stains.  Your carpet cleaners can apply it safely in the home once the carpets have been cleaned.

These may seem like small things for you to do but they can greatly improve the lifespan of your carpet. So take the time to take care of your carpet and you will get years of enjoyment out of it.  You’ll be glad you did.

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About the Author:
Daniel Williams started his first carpet cleaning business in 2005, and soon realised cleaning was more than just about making the carpet look cleaner.   Carpet cleaning is about providing an outstanding all-round service and educating the consumer.

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