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Awareness of water shortages has focussed attention onto the value of Rainwater Harvesting. Builders and Developers recognise the value of Rainwater Harvesting Systems - which Rewatec UK can supply.

Rewatec UK - A Division of First Water (UK) Ltd - provide Rainwater Collection, Rainwater Harvesting and Rainwater Storage Systems to a range of clients from Llandudno and across the North Wales coast.

Rewatec UK is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and distributors of Rainwater Harvesting and SBR Sewage Treatment products.

Rewatec is renowned as a high quality company who have successfully marketed in Europe for 10 years.  All the Rainwater Harvesting and SBR Sewage Treatment Products are proven and well established in the wider European marketplace (over 80,000 units sold).

Personal Service

Rewatec UK aim to give you a personal service through all the stages of assessment, installation and on-going use of all our Rainwater Harvesting and SBR Sewage Treatment Plant products. They can provide all aspects of service support, from supply only to full installation, commissioning and servicing of the Rainwater Harvesting and SBR Sewage Treatment products.

High Quality

REWATEC are proud of their high quality products which not only offer you long guarantees, key design features, excellent accessories, and a choice of systems, but also competitive pricing.

Rewatec UK Aim to provide their clients with:
  • Quality products from the market leading manufacturing company in Europe.
  • Personal service to ensure you receive the optimum solution.
  • Full dedicated support at all stages from pre-installation to on-going service support.
  • Qualified Partners throughout the UK offering you a local area service.

NOW AVAILABLE in UK: Top Quality Rainwater Harvesting and Sewage Treatment Systems from Germany (Click here for in-depth info)

  • Over 60,000 rainwater harvesting systems installed in Europe in the last 8 years
  • REWARTEC manufacture their own high quality PE tanks for rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment (minimum 15 year guarantee)
  • Proven systems for rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment with a variety of quality design features
  • Simple and cost saving installations (no concrete required)
  • Highly competitive prices

The tanks are made from PE and because they are Rotationally Moulded they are of the highest quality and should not be confused with the lesser quality Blow Moulded PE tanks. 

They provide a 15 year (Rain Harvesting) and 20 year (Sewage Treatment) guarantee and the comfort of a trouble free future.  When making such an investment as an underground storage tank it is important to take into account all the factors.

A key factor is the need for concrete as a base and surround for many such tanks. This type of system installation will take more time, cost significantly more money and will have a higher level of risks to contend with. The combination of concrete and certain types of plastic materials often have a weakening effect on the tank itself, and are also considered to be extremely environmentally unfriendly.

Rewatec tanks are made of material which is able to be recycled and because of the superior design and quality the tanks do not need concrete to be installed. They are designed with ribs to take the backfill which will support the tank in the underground location. All our tank covers come with child-proof security locks and we also provide a variety of covers to suit your needs including drivable covers.

It is sensible to invest in the best!

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For further information on the range of tanks, details of rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment products and other services, please complete the contact form on this page to Email Rewatec UK or telephone them on 01492 878420 if you prefer to speak to someone in person.


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