Ongoing Marketing and Website Costs need to be measured in terms of benefit
22nd April 2013
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In the current economic climate, most businesses are reviewing costs. No item of expense is exempt!

One area of interest is marketing costs. But can you really afford to cut this? There is a fine line to be followed where you may cut too deep and damage your business long term.

One of the difficulties is that the benefits of marketing (and advertising) are often hard to measure. Marketing experts tend to avoid any attempt to measure the impact of programs, making management's efforts to cut costs more difficult. There may be a temptation to "cut and be damned". 

Do you do special offers? Do they generate genuinely profitable repeat business? We all hear horror stories about offers that ultimately cost the company dearly. It is not necessary for offers to be loss leaders, but aggressive marketing often has that impact. If you don't do offers, why not? Afraid that they will be too costly?

What about your website's ongoing maintenance? We know that Google, in their Search Engine Algorithm, prefer fresh content. Do you refesh your website content? If not then your SEO will slip. If you do, what does it cost? 

If you have a feature with us, we have the tools to help keep your content active. We generate new business from you testimonials very effectively. We look to make Special Offers meaningful to your business long term. Offers don't have to be at huge discount to your normal offering. We can help you be creative, but best of all we help you to get the message out over an extended period and to a genuinely interested audience and if you're a member, its at no incremental cost.

We also have other tools, that make our offering very effective.

Talk to us. We are a unique networking and marketing company We promote Liverpool and area events for FREE! 


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Author: Matt Connaire

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