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Right from my first telephone call Neville Kilpatrick of Aaron Driving School has maintained high levels of professionalism and ability, always being on time and always friendly! His excellent tuition, positive approach and friendly lessons made me feel at ease, making learning to drive a less daunting task, and the well-structured lessons beneficial and enjoyable. Thanks to his flawless advice and instruction I was able to obtain a first time pass in both parts of my Driving Test, and would not hesitaite to recommend both Neville and Aaron Driving School to anyone looking for an exceptional learning experience. Thanks Neville for all your help, patience and advice!
Recently i passed my test, i could not have passed it without the motivation and perseverence of Neville Kilpatrick of Aaron Driving School. His lesson were professional, educational and well worth the money. He helped to build my confidence on the road and i appreciate his great tution. Thanks for all your help! Ps..Neville has a class car....brilliant to drive.
I would highly recommend taking driving lessons with Aaron Driving school. The lessons were taught brilliantly and i felt at ease through the lessons. I would have not have passed my test without the great teaching from Nevillle, Thanks for all your patience and guidance.
I recently took lessons with Aaron driving school, and it was a joy to so do, I took the lessons with neville kilpatrick and he made it really enjoyable to take driving lessons, it was a relaxing atmosphere within an in depth driving lesson everytime. I passed my test last week and really enjoyed the lessons that i took with Neville. This is a great driving school, and unlike other driving instructors, they dont just teach you how to pass a test, they teach you how to become a great driver too. Thanks Neville....
I took lessons with Aaron Driving School with Neville Kilpatrick, and he made it a joy to learn how to drive, it was very relaxed and in depth at the same time, i passed my test last week and had a great time taking lessons with Aaron Driving School, It is great value for money and unlike most driving instructors, who teach you how to pass a test, the guys at Aaron Driving School actually teach you how to be a great driver aswell.. Cheers for the lessons and all your help Nevile.
Passed my test first time with Neville Kilpatrick. Very patient, talks away whilst your driving, and is a very good teacher! Explained how to do all the manoueveres perfectly and easily. Would definitely recommend anyone to book lessons with AARON DRIVING. Cheers Neville!
I passed my test last month all thanks to Neville of Aaron Driving School. He is an extremely patient, highly skilled and friendly instructor! Neville was able to assist me with all aspects of learning to drive confidently including the theory, the practical exam and in understanding the workings of the car. NEVILLE IS THE BEST! Thanks Neville! PS Oh and he has a very nice car!
I recently had driving lessons with Neville from Aaron driving. The lesson was relaxed but he covered the techniques comprehensively and helped me to remove my bad habits. In previous lessons i had with another instructor he didnʼt make me feel comfortable and gave bad instructions. The lesson with aaron compared was value for money with great instructing.
If you are looking to drive, learn with aaron and become a confident driver, i passed my test recently with neville and i could never have done it without him, so thanks again. this driving school is very professional, not only do they learn you how to drive they learn you how to understand the roads and the car. many thanx neville.
I recently took driving lessons with Neville Kilpatrick and without him I would never have passed. He is able to explain the workings and behaviour of the car without overcomplicating matters and makes driving a fun experience, whilst teaching and giving you confidence behind the wheel. Without his tuition I would never have passed. I would recommend Aaron Driving School to anyone. Thanks again Neville!
I recently took driving lessons with neville kilpatrick from Aaron driving school, i found neville very patient and professioal, i would definately recommend Aarons driving school to everyone. Without neville i do not think I would have passed my test. Thankyou very much Neville
Iʼve just passed my driving test today, with the help and guidance of Neville. Thanks alot Neville!! I would highly recommend Aaron school of driving, Neville is a great tutor who is professional, patient and gives brillant advice and tips.
i just passed by driving test yesterday 19th february, passed first time with the help of the driving instructor Andrew, he was very easy to get on with an he was able make learning to drive fun, i would highly recommend AARON drivng school to anyone looking to learn to drive.
Just home from passing my driving test on my first attempt. Neville Kirkpatrick was my instructor from aaron driving. He was professional, extremely patient, friendly and alway gave great advice/tips for the big test! AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND! I feel if I hadnʼt had such a great instructor i wouldnʼt have had the confidence to do my test so soon and pass. Anyone looking to learn how to drive, look no further that Aaron driving school and Neville. Great competitive prices for a top class lesson! Thanks alot Neville! Catch you soon!
I recently took my driving test and passed first time with the help of Mr Neville Kilpatrick. Prior to taking lessons with Arron Driving School I had received instruction from another driving instructor who was not punctual or very patient. Neville made me realise that I wasnʼt a hopeless case and within a few short months I had the skills and the confidence to sit my test. If truly believe that without Nevilleʼs help I would never have passed. Thanks a million Neville - I can now move into my house in the sticks!
Passed my test recently with the help of Neville Kilpatrick, i could not have passed without his help. I would definately recommend Aaron driving and especially Neville as his instrustion is clear, professional and filled with patience, certainly first class driving instruction and i would recommend it to anyone.
I recently passed my test on the first attempt thanks to Neville Kilpatrick of Aaron Driving school, he made me feel very comfortable in the car and i have to say he has the patients of a saint. Neville is also very friendly and could talk about almost anything, which is good as you dont get any of those uncomfortable sliences. Exceptional school i would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for everything Neville
I have taken driving lessons with Neville and found him to be a very good instructor. He is always easy to talk to and gives advice in a very straightforward manner. He was great at putting me at ease which helped a great deal when learning to drive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aaron Driving School to anyone.
After taking driving lesson with Neville Iʼm pleased to say I managed to pass my test first time. He explained everything very clearly and precisely and never got annoyed whenever I did anything wrong, just explained to me why I went wrong. Following his advice everything went perfectly. I would highly recommend Aaron driving school to anyone looking for a driving instructor.
would highly recommend AARON Driving, I took lessons with Neville Kilpatrick who made it a pleasure to learn to drive. He is extremely professional and provides confidence for some one like myself who was a complete beginner. He is patient, an exceptional tutor and provides loads of encouragement, he would go out of his way to help you. I would definitely recommend to every one. Thanks AARON Driving for everything.
I recently took driving lessons with Neville Kilpatrick of Aaron Driving School. He is punctual, professional, patient and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Aaron driving school to everyone! He inspires confidence and his great tuition enabled me to pass my test first time! Thanks for all your help Neville!
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