Furniture & Carpets Saved From The Tip
10th December 2020
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We do a lot of work for landlords in Lichfield as well as residents of the town. Recently a local landlord asked us to clean the carpets in a furnished let, but not the three piece suite as he was going to take it to the tip. The furniture was very soiled but it had no rips or tears and as expert upholstery cleaners, we were confident that we could save the whole suite. We offered to save the suite on a no win, no fee basis.

How We Cleaned & Saved A Landlord A Lot Of Money

As trained technicians we did a few tests on the fabric of the three piece suite. This enabled us to work out the different combinations of pre-cleaners required to effectively clean the sofa and armchairs. The aim was to make them perfectly usable for the new tenants.  The pre-clean was followed with a hot water extraction clean (HWE).

HWE is the process we use for heavily soiled upholstery. We have a host of cleaning methods at our disposal because one cleaning method alone cannot tackle every situation. HWE cleaning was the right method for this job as it not only removes ingrained dirt but it deep cleans and removes stubborn stains, allergens, mildew, fungi and dust mites.

HWE is the cleaning method we normally use in restaurants and bars, as it can cope with very heavily soiled and stained upholstery.

In this case we were able to save the three piece suite from the tip and save the landlord the cost and hassle of getting new furniture.

We also did our bit for the planet because if you can save or recycle something, you save all the energy, water and raw materials needed in manufacturing and the carbon miles to deliver the finished product. As a company we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

This is not the only example of furniture cleaned and saved from the tip. Or where we have saved our clients a considerable amount of money.

How We Saved A Bedroom Carpet From The Tip

For another landlord, who owns many properties and is a regular client, we were booked clean carpets and furniture but NOT to clean the bedroom carpet. Again, the landlord thought it was just too dirty and was taking it to the tip.

Needless to say, we were able to save the carpet from the tip and saved this landlord more money than it cost to clean the rest of the carpets and upholstery.

We are Woolsafe and NCCA approved.


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