Owl Get It
  • 5 Kinglsey Street
    LE2 6DY
Introducing Owl Get It, Leicester’s very own on-demand delivery and concierge service spreading its wings to all corners of our great little city.

Whether you are feeling a curry on a Friday night or have dropped your phone down the toilet and need a new one, Owl Get It will send out their best birds (well drivers but we like to think of them as birds) to fly out and deliver it direct to your door step.


Currently exclusive to Leicester, many of your favourite restaurants, shops and bars within the LE area are associated with Owl Get It; which means no more discussions about who has to run out to pick up more baby nappies or drive down to the local pizza shop for the pepperoni deep pan that you’ve been craving.

Sounds perfect right? but how does it work? Simple really, login on to the website or download the Android / Apple App (App launch date TBC) and create an account. You can then scroll through the restaurants and shops that are associated with Owl Get It and choose from the list of foods and products that are available. If you don’t see what you want, simply send a message to the Owl Get It team and they will go and source the product for you and deliver it to your location.

How much does it cost you ask? Typically, the service will cost £2 for each delivery that’s within 2 miles of the pick-up point, and thereafter there is a £1 per mile delivery charge. Your order is tracked the entire way using the in app/ online tracking device and you can see exactly where your products are and how long they are going to take to reach you.

In addition to the ‘within the hour’ service, Owl Get It offers a ‘Pre-Order’ Service which allows you to place an order earlier in the day and have it delivered at a specific time and to a specific location…Prefect for organising dinner parties and get togethers.

Anything you need, at any time of the day, delivered to you within the hour, that’s the Owl Get It promise!

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