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Great kennels and fantastic work for charity. Lancaster's best kept secret!
When we first got Monty (10/12 weeks old) from Wolfwood, he was so frightened he wouldn't come out from under the kitchen table! He had come through the stray system so goodness knows what he had endured in his short life up to that point. He is now 9 months old and unrecognisable as the same dog, apart from his very cheeky face! He is gorgeous, fun, entertaining and frequently in trouble, we love him to bits!! Stephen and Kirsty are so knowledgeable and have given us advice and support all the way, everyone at the rescue works so hard for the benefit of all the animals. If you want a dog, or need help or advice with wildlife, Wolfwood is the first port of call.
I got my second dog from here and he is an actual sweetheart. I was so relaxed when we first met him which is why I think it worked so well. It was certainly worth the journey. fantastic job guys!
Why Wolfwood? Because the animals have always and will always come first. This is not a charity run for money but run by animal lovers who think only for the welfare of animals in giving them not just a better home but a better life. When re homing dogs they make sure the dog is going to a good home where they will find love and affection, not just a room. I donate as often as I can because I know my donations will go towards the animals. If you are looking for a new addition to your family or just want advice their doors are always open.
I rescued a fantastic dog from Wolfwood a month or so ago. She is a little star and has made our home a happy one. The people at Wolfwood were fantastic, helpful, clear and honest. They made the process easy and hassle free. They are an amazing charity who do so much for animals and the wildlife. I have no reservations in recommending Wolfwood to friend and family and we will be visiting again!
Hooray for Wolfwood!! They do a fantastic job! And their Christmas cards are fab!!
Wolfwood do a fantastic job :-) Keep up the hard work.. You should be very proud of yourselves
Stephen and Amy really did start from scratch when they started Wolfwood. They have built a fantastic Charity and it's all credit to them and their family. They are a genuine kind and caring family and I wish them all the success in the world.
Lets hope that Wolfwood finally get the recognition they so richly deserve. Through pure hard work, grit and determination they have built a fantastic charity for homeless, dogs, horses and wildlife. They deserve to be top of the list just for the compassion and love they have for the animals they rescue and nurse. From day old puppies to the oldies, all rescued and re-homed or fostered. Amazing
There are some fantastic bargains in the shop and it's always busy. Stephen has always been passionate about animals. Wolfwood is fantastic. On behalf of Nina.
Gracious Charity Wildlife Taken In Horses Looked After Carefully Consideration About Placement Fantastic Charity Shop in Bowerham Amazing Fun Day in Ryelands Park Totally Fabulous Christmas Fair Brilliant Helpers/Volunteers/Walkers Excellent Fundraisers Huge Support with Aftercare Where Would we be Without Wolfwood Lets Hope We Never Have to Find Out Please Support WolfWood
Wolfwood are the best rescue in the world! They work so hard for the local community.
Stephen, Amy and all the family have worked incredibly hard to build Wolfwood into a centre of excellence. It is encouraging to see so many volunteers assisting in the rescue work and manning the brilliant shop.Very happy to send a testimonial. Sent on behalf of Liz W.
Every town needs a Wolfwood! They work soooo hard helping our needy animals and bring a sense of community to Bowerham.
Wolfwood has been built on hard work, determination, love and compassion. For those little ones who cannot care for themselves or those who have suffered at the hands of another, they have been taken in, loved, nursed and nurtured back to health, all because Wolfwood exist. Please keep up the excellent work you do. We would be lost without you.
Fantastic rescue centre. Adopted our dog from Wolfwood. Amazing aftercare.
Always visit the best charity shop in Lancaster. Wolfwood all the way!
I often visit the charity shop when visiting family in Lancaster. I also bag a bargain. Glad to know the money is going to such a worthy cause.
Wolfwood have a wonderful energy . They care for the least wanted and most needy animals in our district and i applaud them. Thank you Wolfwood
There are super bargains in the shop, it is always busy. Stephen has always been passionate about animals, Wolfwood does fantatic work. on behalf of Nina b
After seeing my mates little rescue dog from Wolfwood I must recommend them. They knew exactly which home to send this frightened little dog to receive the most love and care - amazing!
Wolfwood is a wonderful charity. It works very hard to rehome dogs and care for wildlife and rescue horses. It is always in need of donations and sponsers for its funding. All the animals are cared for according to their individual needs. Please support wolfwood by donating much needed money or items to be sold in their charity shop.
Such a shame that others don't take their lead from Wolfwood. EVERYBODY involved in this charity cares. It's like a huge family. The dogs are loved whilst in Stephen & Amy's care and are always there to help with any settling in problems. Fantastic.
After seeing my mates littlev rescue dog from Wolfwood I must recommend them. They knew exactly which home to send this frightened little dog to to receive the most love and care - amazing!
I believe Wolfwood is the best rescue centre for caring about animals. All animals are rescued and kept until the right home is found. I keeplooking until I hope to see the dog for me.
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