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Interested in making savings on Every Day Purchases? Wanting to Ease Pressure on Your Family Budget? We would like to introduce you to Lyoness, a company who can offer Cashback, Friendship and Loyalty Bonuses from 100's of UK High Street Stores and Small Local Businesses. We help YOU Save Money while you get on with your Normal Weekly Shopping!


Lyoness - Cashback For You



"Helping you save money whilst you shop"



This scheme is based on the belief that members interests are of the utmost importance. As a result, on average, around forty people a day are joining Lyoness.



At present there are over 2 million members globally in more than 40 countries and the goal is to reach 250 million in over 100 countries by 2020.

You can shop at over 150,000 retailers around the world!



Lioness would like the opportunity to introduce to you, through their local agent Claudia Carrillo, the best money saving scheme currently available to help with your shopping budget.



Claudia Carillo


Claudia owns the Natural Health & Beauty Clinic at Regent House, Arnside where, together with an experienced team of therapists, she provides a variety of complementary health and beauty therapies.


Her vision for the clinic is to provide a relaxed environment where people can experience the very best beauty therapies provided from a natural, holistic approach.


Claudia is also passionate about helping local people save money and has therefore become the local agent for Lyoness - the fastest growing shopping community - where she can help you make savings whilst you shop!




Cashback For You


Interested in saving money on everyday purchases?


Want to ease pressure on your family budget?


Lyoness is a company who can offer cashback, friendship, and loyalty bonuses from hundreds of UK High street stores and small local businesses.


Lyoness help YOU save money whilst you continue with your normal weekly shopping.


Some of the key reasons why you should join Lyoness:


        ·New Business Members joining every week

·No membership fee or hidden charges - simple and safe

·Hundreds of UK High Street stores and small local businesses

·Immediate cashback

·Loyalty bonuses - save up to 60% of your shopping money - in the long term

·Fastest growing shopping community with your interests at heart


The scheme is based on the belief that members interests are of the utmost importance. That is why, on average, around 40 people a day are joining Lyoness.




More Information and to Join


For further information about Lyoness - Cashback for you - and how to save money whilst shopping visit

Or contact: Claudia Carillo Tel: 07881 667 474 Email: customer@naturalhealthandbeauty



Please mention thebestof Lancaster when contacting Lyoness - Cashback for you

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