Mary Portas Recommends
11th June 2012
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I was lucky to be able to attend a seminar by Mary Portas on the success of the High Street – she was fantastic and made some recommendations for our Knutsford High Street.

One of the problems we have in Knutsford which inhibits the success of our local independents, is that of high rents for the business properties which in turns dictates high rates.

We have seen three shops close down within the last six months and I know that many more are struggling – something must be done to assist our local independents, otherwise the only businesses able to afford the rents and rates will be the high street chains – we already have Dominos arriving – could this be the start ?

We know that Knutsfords USP is the many unusual and quirky shops that we have – if  these are no longer able to afford the rent / rates we are going to be a high street with chain stores and therefore loose our USP and attraction

It is in the interest for a Town Team to be established – with the landlords , council, shop owners , townspeople and business people all represented and working together . It is in all our interests to ensure the success of Knutsford High Street and to protect our fabulous independent retailers        

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