The 5 Questions Advertising Sales People Hate You To Ask ..... So Ask Them !
22nd May 2012
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Before parting with your hard-earned cash, here's 5 key questions to ask advertising sales people:


1.  How will I know what response I get from advertising with you ?

It's crucial to know how well your advertising is working for you and there's plenty of ways to do this - make sure you get an answer to this very important question.


2.  What return on investment can I expect from advertising with you ?

Once you know what response your advertising's bringing you, simply compare it to the cost of the advertising to get your return on investment - all advertising should at least pay for itself.


3.  How will you ensure my advert achieves maximum impact ?

It's not just about buying space or airtime, your advertising message needs to achieve maximum impact, so make sure your advertiser can answer this critical marketing point - don't just be "sold to".


4.  Can I see recommendations from your other advertisers ?

To get real confidence in your advertisor, ask to see recommendations from customers that are already getting impressive results and returns from their advertising.


5.  What guarantees do you provide ?

In the event that your advertising doesn't deliver the results and returns promised or expected, what will your advertisor do about it ?


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