15th October 2011
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* King’s Lynn’s Heart15/16 Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn

Several legends explain why this heart is here, though all revolve around the same theme; the market square was once a place of execution, and the heart exploded out of one of the unfortunate female victim's chest, embedding into the wall (see photo opposite). Number 15 is also home to a poltergeist who throws things to the floor.


* The Red LadyThe Dukes Head Hotel, Tuesday Market Place

This figure in red has been seen walking the corridors and climbing staircases. She is said to be the shade of a woman who killed herself over her two lovers. Room 18 was once haunted after an attempted suicide resulted in a dying man being brought into the suite - his ghostly moaning once drove people away, though now it has faded.


* The ChillThe Globe Hotel, Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn

Rather than a building design flaw, this 'chill' has been blamed on the spirit of a man once murdered in the stables, a site now incorporated inside the building.


* Woman in BlackThe Bank House, King’s Lynn

Several staff have reported feeling as if someone is watching them, with one person reporting seeing the phantom woman wearing a long black dress.


* Small LadyThe Tudor Rose Hotel, 11 Nicholas Street, King’s Lynn

Shortly after a wedding, the bride was stabbed to death by her new husband in the hotel. Since then, a short woman in a long white dress has been spotted and phantom footsteps heard.


* The BridePurfleet Quay, King’s Lynn

This woman killed herself the day after being wed - her ghost loiters around the Purfleet area before screaming and throwing itself into the quay waters. Other screams, belonging to fighting soldiers, can also be heard in the area, during which the water runs red with blood.


* Man in Three Corned Hat9 King Street, King’s Lynn

This eighteenth century gentleman has been observed by several different witnesses in the building. In its latter days as a museum, one visitor spotted the ghostly gentleman walking around with his hands behind his back.


* Satan’s Hoof PrintDevil’s Alley, King’s Lynn

A single footprint belonging to Old Nick is said to be visible down this aging alleyway (see photo below).

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