The cost of heating the home continue to increase so here are some tips to stay warm for less this Winter
11th December 2013
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Here are some other ideas you could use as well:

Make sure that rooms that aren't used for long periods of time have their windows and doors closed and turn off any central heating radiators in these rooms (no point in heating them up if no one is going to use them).  However during the winter you will need to air such rooms on a regular basis to avoid dampness and mould becoming a problem.

Invest on an annual service for your central heating boiler, if it is not operating at peak efficiency it WILL cost you more to heat your home.

Check the timer on your central heating, make sure that you are only heating the house when you are there to take advantage of it.

Make sure that the heating is set to go off some time before you usually go to bed as the house will take some time to cool down once the central heating turns off.

If it’s a day when you are going out during the time that the heating is normally running change the timer so the heating comes on shortly before you are due to return (and remember to re-set the normal timings when you get back).

As mentioned above ensure that your central heating thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature, the hotter your house the more you will spend on your heating bills.

If you have a lounge with an open fire, use this during the evening and turn off the radiators in this room as using coal/logs will almost certainly be a cheaper option than using your central heating.

Close your curtains at night as this will help retain heat in the room during the night.  For south facing rooms make sure the curtains are  open during the day to allow the sun to heat up the room.

If your outside doors are drafty  use a draft excluder, you can buy self-adhesive rolls of draft excluder from any DIY store, they are easy to attach to the door frame and help make the house much warmer at minimal cost.

Try to keep doors to the outside open as little as possible, close them behind you when you're putting the rubbish out or invite neighbours or friends in to talk rather than standing on the doorstep with the door wide open.

Wear warm socks and/or slippers around the house - if your feet are cold then the rest of you will feel cold too (it's not just an old wives tale that your mother used to say).

If you're using the oven to cook why not leave the oven door open once your meal is ready and as it's cooling down (as long as it's not a danger to animals or children).

Enjoy staying warm this winter, without it costing you a fortune in heating bills!

If you have any other tips for staying warm and saving on heating costs please let me know, email me at

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